Having enjoyed my career as an art director / creative director in advertising, I feel privileged to be able to further my artistic ambitions.
I try to use my drawing ability as a support to my painting, three dimensional work and printmaking, without rendering them as obvious illustrations of the subject, but rather hopefully creating an impressionistic familiarity.

I paint mainly in oils on canvas or board, very often trying the resultant image in a more simplified version as a lino print. 

When printmaking, I work with an A1 flat bed press made by Intaglio or a simple A3 Gerstaecker press, using oil based inks. Editions are kept low - between five and fifteen prints. Every time I make a new impression I learn something new!
I’ve recently been using Picasso’s reduction technique as a preferred way of working, at the same time replacing traditional hessian backed lino with thermoplastic tiles and sheets, which I find more suitable to the way I print.

My three dimensional work is more time-consuming. Influenced by the simplicity of lino print images I like to use flat planes of metal shapes set at acute angles to give an alternative perception of the subject. 
First I work in card, constructing a maquette. Once completed, the maquette is returned to single elements and drawn onto paper.
These can then be transferred onto metal sheets, cut and assembled by a fabricator, before finally being painted or finished.

Please leave any message or enquiry via my contacts page or as a comment on my blog page. Thank you for visiting my website.